As a business, it’s important that you get paid what you’re owed by your customers and your clients.

Late payments and people trying to avoid paying for goods and services can be costly to your business and have long-lasting and damaging repercussions.

We explain the debt recovery process, helping you to understand the steps in place to help your business and recover any money you’re owed.


How can One2four help with debt recovery?

Failure of a customer or client to pay you on time can cause your business undue stress and lead to further financial problems.

To help businesses recover debts, One2four offers access to a debt recovery service as part of its Business Essentials package.

This service includes a wealth of features designed to help businesses with debt recovery, including:


  • Chasing debt from your premises, making calls, sending letters
  • Dedicated debt recovery day and time as required
  • Additional services, including collection, recovery, tracing and insolvency services

To find out more about how One2four could help your business recover debts, contact us